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Related post: Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 09:50:31 -0800 (PST) From: Mr. Jerome Moir Subject: Rendezvous with Jayson - Part IIDisclaimer: The following story contained description of explicit sexual contact between two gay men. This is a true story. Only the names have been changed to protect the satisfied. If you are under 18 or is turned off by gay love and gay sex, then this is not the place for you. But if you want to find out more about a beautiful relationship between two young men, then read on. The choice is yours.Introduction: Previously on "Rendezvous horny young cute with Jayson": Derrick and Jayson, long time friends and softball team mates, youngest hairy girls walk home after a ball game. Jayson surprised Derrick by suggesting they shower together. Derrick accepts, but they end up showering separately. When Derrick walk into his bedroom after his shower, he found a naked Jayson on his bed with an open invitation to join the fast ball pitcher in a game unlike any other they had played before. When it was all over, both Derrick and Jayson had formed a bond neither schoolgirls younger man expected, at least not from each other. When we last left the two, Jayson had slipped out of the bed before Derrick awoke and left him a short "thank you" note, with a promise to see him at softball practice. Now unto the story.Rendezvous with Jayson - Joc new young Part IIThe week after Jayson and I consummated our love, I got a letter from him. I didn't know what to expect in it, but something told me I wasn't going to like what was contained in the carefully penned words.I hesitated as I young lilita modles opened the plain white envelope. His handwriting was distinct, so I knew he had written this himself."Dear Derrick," it started. I held my breath."I have some bad news and I hope you will understand," porno young nude the letter continued. My heart began to pound faster as I continued to read his letter."I could not tell you this the night we made love. But I care about you too much to petite nudes young put off telling you this any longer," his letter said.A thousand memories of that magical night flashed through my mind: his naked body propped up against the soft sheets, his handsome smile, the way his body felt next young strippers pics young kid pornstars to young bodybuilder galleries mine, his kisses, soft, tempting, and then his masterful entry of his cascading manhood into previously uncharted places. It was magical. But, there is a more young teenz thumb urgent matter at hand. Was this the end of the romance? Is he going to say it was all a mistake? That our night of passionate lovemaking was going to be only that? A one-night stand?To young link find out I would have to wait a little longer, as my younger brother interrupted my reading of Jayson's letter. tranny young He had come over to house to help with youngest thumbs some chores around the yard. young lol I folded the neatly written letter and without putting it back Bell john young in its envelope pushed it in my back pocket.As I stepped onto the lawn, I knew that not much work would get done because I was intent of finding out what was vintage young nudes so important that Jayson could not say to me personally but opted instead for the toppless young girls cold, distant comfort of pen and paper.My brother noticed that I was not my usual self this evening and on several occasions, joked about my "girlfriend" giving me trouble. If he young vergin only knew the real story!By the time we decided to stop hauling things around the yard, it was dark and I was feeling tired. From the look of things I would not make softball practice today and coach would be on my case tomorrow for it. But, young sexy russian illegal free young so let it be, I thought.I headed into the bathroom to take young american girl a shower, leaving my brother sprawled out in a hammock on the verandah.As I took off the tattered, faded jeans short pants, Jayson's letter fell from the pocket. I picket up the folded piece of paper, and standing there in only my fruit of the loom underwear, opened it and read the contents."Yours Jayson," were the final words on the piece of paper, but they might as well not have been there, because the real message was further up in the letter.I tried to compose myself enough to shower without crying. It young thumnails did not work. My tears flowed as freely as the streams of water that poured young kiddy sex from the showerhead.What did he mean by ". the pain is so horrible right now, I know I am going to young buns die."Jayson looked perfectly fine young boylove to me the last time I saw him. He felt wonderful too.When the last drop of young naked lola water fell from the pipe, it splashed against my skin and cascaded down to the tiles below.I did not have a telephone number for Jayson, so I could no call young creampie pre him. My other alternative was to go to the sexe young pussy ballpark, even though I wasn't feeling like it. But I needed to find young thumb Jayson. I needed to know if he is all right and what the letter meant.Dwight, that's my brother, was still young voyeur lying in the hammock when I finished dressing. I asked him if he was going straight home or if he was going to stay a while because I was going out.He said he was going home and we both left together. Mom's house is just a skip and a jump away from mine, but in my haste to reach the ballpark, I promised to come over later for a visit.As Dwight and I parted ways, I shifted my focus to Jayson. I was almost in a daze as I hurried through art nude young the streets petites youngs to softball practice. The fifteen-minute walk, felt more like forever. As I rounded the corner, I ran into my coach."Hey coach," I young littl teen greeted Mike, "am I late?"Mike hesitated, and then explained that there would be no practice youngest teens this day as he was headed to young swedish virgins the hospital. Jayson was in the hospital. Taken there the day after he and I had been together. Of course no one but Jayson and I knew that.On the way to the hospital, Mike explained that Jayson young russion teen had been hit by a line drive in batting young porn starts practice."It wasn't his face?" I enquired as we drove up at the hospital. Coach said no. Jayson had free pic young managed to deflect the ball a young thailand porn bit, but he still took a shot to the chest.When I walked into Jayson's room, he was apparently asleep. His eyes were closed. Coach and I walked up to young virgins fuck the bedside and instinctively I reached out and Bitch blonde young held his hand. Without even thinking about what I was doing, I leaned down and was about to kiss him, when I realized Mike was beside me.Jayson spoke softly."What are you guys doing here?" he said.Mike explained that he and I had come to see if he was going to be all right. At least that was Mike's reason. Speaking in a soft voice, as if he was still in pain, Jayson explained that he just got the wind knocked out of him. There were no broken bones and there would just young hairless pics be some bruising.Without giving any of us the opportunity to ask the question, he explained that he was hospitalized because of complications from a previously unknown to us, asthmatic condition that ailed him.Hence the breathing apparatus that were attached to him.Mike and I talked with Jayson a while longer, all the time; I youngestteened rusian tgp young was hoping he would leave, italian sex young so I could younger child tgp speak with Jayson alone. Finally, Mike announced he was leaving. I almost applauded.Mike had hardly left the room, when I reached over and kissed Jayson. "I miss you," I was able to break our lip connection long enough to say."I'm sorry if I scared you Derrick," Jayson said, "I wrote that letter just after they young palace brought me here. The pain was so much; I really thought I was going to die. And at one point I couldn't catch my breath."I placed a finger over his young toplist beastiality lips. I did not need any more explanations. Fact is he was going to be all right, despite all the external wiring that ran from his bed to the wall.Jayson and I talked some more and as the minutes young latina bikini went by, young teen thumbnails I noticed that he was young cunt pics becoming more relaxed. And his voice was becoming stronger."I wish I could be in that bed beside plump young you right now," I said.Jayson only smiled.I reminded him of the night he made love to me. The way he did it and the way he made me feel.Perhaps it was the way I was recalling the events, or maybe his imagination was working overtime, because I youngest handjob videos noticed that half way down the bed, there was movement under the sheets.I didn't know it then, but he was young porno angels naked under the sheets and he was getting an erection. I pretended that I did not see it and continued to relive our passionate night a little over a week ago.Then I subtly placed me hand on the bed beside his mid section and continued to talk. youngest japanese girls We made eye contact again young teachers and as I recalled how he entered me, I held his fully erect cock in my hand.He was hard. Extremely hard.I held is beautiful cock in japanese youngest nude my hand for a moment. Then slowly moved my hand up and down along the entire shaft. I never noticed before that he has a slight curve to the left.He moaned silently, I continue to caress his pulsating old young ******** manhood.I moved my hand amature young pics further up, running it over the sheet up to his chest, careful not to press to hard in young incest orgy fear of irritating the bruise.I looked around and listened a moment to make sure no one was approaching the room. Then I slid my hands under the sheets and as I made contact with his warm flesh, I could feel my own cock spring to life.I felt my way down his body and knew I was reaching young girls striping ground zero when my hand came british young plumpers to rest on his pubic hair. Then I found the prize. For a man who is hospitalized with tuned connected to him, Jayson youngest naked girl young nudists kds is packing the hardest cock I had ever held in my hand. And I could tell he was really turned on too. The warm, sticky juice that was draining down my hand told the story.Without saying a word, I gently stroked his cock up and down, releasing more of his pre cum unto my hand, providing all the lubrication I needed.He moaned again. Meanwhile my cock young porn login was pressing hard against the fabric of my underwear young cigarette smokers and jeans. younge nude women I had never done anything like this before and never in my wildest dream could I envision jerking off a guy in a hospital bed.The fluid motion of young sex piks my hand going up and down on Jayson's hard cock was making young family incest me dizzy and dirty young porn the response from his body and kids young porn the soft moans that came from his lips, told me he was enjoying this.I shifted hands and as I brought my right hand out from under the sheet, incest pictures young a long string of pre cum followed it and landed on the front of my pants. Without a young drivers word, Jayson reached over with his hand young living and wiped it away. When he touched the front of my pants, I jumped with excitement."Oh Jayson," I said, "this feels so good."I continued christine young movies to Free young strippers work Jayson's cock and he continued to rub my erect cock through my pants.Jasyon was beginning to breathe heavily young blond girls and he was starting to exploited young lift his pelvis off the bed as he worked his cock into my hand. From the way he was going, I knew he big young butts was going to cum soon. But how were we going young skinny pics to handle this?I had an lust young pictures idea.I had never done this before young muscle guys and it felt stranger. Awkward and strange nudist young russian but I was willing to try. I lifted the thin sheet that hid this young porno virgin beautiful piece of Belizean manhood young pussies from me. There it is, alive and pulsating as if to the beat of a thousand drums.Jayson had his eyes closed, lost in another world, enjoying the attending his cock was getting. He had no idea what I was about to do, until ."Ahhhh," I heard him moan out loud, young panty pics as I took the head of his cock into my mouth. His cum tasted a bit salty and slippery, but delicious. It was the first time I had tasted another man's cock, but this was good.I ran streaming young porn my tongue over young men porn his cock head a couple of times, then down the shaft and lester young up again. When I reached the top, I would do a quick circle over the head with my tongue, drawing sweet, soft moans from the younge divas him.Then, I started to go up and down on him. For a first time cocksucker, I must be doing it right, because Jayson was moaning loudly. I think we girls from youngporn both forgot that we were in a hospital ward, oblivious to the fact that patients in the nearby beds, or the nurses could hear what was going on. We did not care.I continued to go up and down on Jayson's cock for a couple of minutes and my jaw was beginning to hurt a little, when I heard him say he was going to cum.It was do or incest young twat die now. I had never had a guy cum in my mouth before, but I really like Jayson and this was going to be my way of letting him know.He had hardly finished saying he was gong to cum when the first load hit the back of my mouth. Then another. And another. The amount of cum got smaller with each passing shot until he was finished. I had drained him dry.I sucked on his spent cock some more, sending his body into convulsions as I move my tongue over the now tender head.When I was finished, I replaced the sheet neatly. When I looked up at his face, I noticed a great big smile."What?" I questioned, as I reached down and kissed him."Thank you," Jayson said and he hugged my neck and kissed me deeply."No thanks necessary," I said. young forever "You do this kind of thing for people you really care about.""Well, I hope you don't do this kind of thing to everyone you care about," he joked."You know what I mean," I replied.Jayson hugged me again, and kissed me some more."What am I going to do about this?" he questioned, as he touched my still erect cock."Don't worry about that," I said, ":I can take care of that in the shower later.""How about if Lesbian sexy young portal young yo I take care of it for you?" Jayson queried."Now? Right here?" I questioned."Of course now. I get out of the hospital tomorrow morning," Jayson said.I assured him that would be all right by me, as I hugged him again and we kissed again."I'm glad you are going to be all right," I said, "you really scared me earlier."After young eagles I left the hospital, I drove home with a smile on my face, and my lover's cum deep within my body. Tonight has teen young cunts brought Jayson and I closer together. I can't wait for him to get home from the hospital tomorrow morning.Maybe I could surprise him, by asking him to move in with me. I think this is what I want. Its what I need right now. EndAuthor's Note: I thank each and every one who has sent very encouraging words to young ******** mpegs me on my story. You can continue to send your comments to: This is the second of a three part series on a continuing relationship between two friends who found love when they were least young russion girls expecting it. The final installment of the true story will be available shortly.
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